GA DOL Guidelines

Pender & Associates is here to help you navigate the evolving legislation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and make educated decisions on how to manage your staff during this time. Please review the below resources highlighting the GA DOL Employer Filed Claims Information and Instructions.

  • Requires employers to file (partial) claims online on behalf of employees who must temporarily reduce work hours or if there is no work available due to COVID-19
  • Employees must be expected to return to work once the COVID-19 emergency ends and must be US citizens or non-citizens authorized to work.
  • Some employees do not require filing. Reference page 1 of the Instructions document below for the list of unqualified employees.
  • You will need sensitive information from the employees who you are filing for. Reference page 1 of the Instructions document for this information.
  • To file claims, your company must be registered on the Employer Portal, and you can find step-by-step instructions on pages 2-3.

GA DOL Employer Filed Claims Instructions

Link to GA DOL Employer Portal

GA DOL Employer Portal Administrator Guide