We Are Pender & Associates

Pender & Associates is an independent benefit brokerage agency located in the Greater-Atlanta area specializing primarily in employer human capital management & risk assessment-and-cost reduction strategies including: development of new & streamlining-of existing employee benefits, human resource consulting & management efficiency solutions, compliance services to ensure mandates are met in the workplace, comprehensive wellness & employee engagement solutions, and tech-savvy online HR management tools.

45 Years of Brokerage Service

We design top-tier employee benefits packages to attract & retain valuable talent within your workforce. Our employee benefit services include health (including dental/vision) & wellness, as well as life & disability insurance solutions. We provide benefits administration for both traditional-funded & alternative-funded solutions, including servicing & claims resolution assistance to ensure your employees are financially protected and have the most comprehensive coverage available.

Solutions for Growth & Compliance

CEO’s need the ability to completely focus on core business fundamentals without having to stress over lack of HR efficiency & organizational dilemmas, human capital risk management, nor dealing with federally mandated compliance issues. We deliver the organizational culture your workforce needs, the documentation & security-standards needed to meet ERISA, HIPAA & ACA compliance, as well as employee experience & online management tools.

Friendly & Knowlegable Staff

Our staff is comprised of certified professionals who are active within the HR and Benefit Administration industry. They make it their priority to be well-versed and adept at knowing the ins-and-outs of this continually changing industry & the leading-edge practices of tomorrow to implement with your organization today.
Our staff is caring & engaged, operates with attention to your organization’s specific needs & intention to deliver quality solutions to make big things happen.



Group Benefit Solutions

Through careful analysis, our team recommends benefit plans best suited to your organization while handling benefit set up to administration of your group insurance package. We work to drive true value.

Compliance Solutions

Work alongside our team of professional advisers to address any compliance-related concerns your business may be facing by laying the groundwork for your organization’s compliance strategy.

Tech-Savvy HR Solutions

Implement tech to reduce workload. Give valuable time back to your workforce, maximize efficiency and alleviate HR and benefit-related tasks to keep job costs in-line and delivery deadlines on track.


A History of Trust & Dependability

Since 1972 Pender & Associates has provided innovative and cost-effective solutions in the corporate benefits administration sector. Throughout the past four decades the agency has evolved to meet the everchanging market demands of the group benefits industry, technological advancements, and government regulations. Today, our specialty is to serve the organizations we work alongside as their benefits specialist. We partner with employers to minimize risks involved in running a business.

  • Attractive employee benefit packages to motivate & retain workforce talent.
  • In-depth market analysis to ensure cost-effective & affordable benefit solutions.
  • Comprehensive education to both employer & employee regarding plan offerings.
  • Compliance with ever-changing regulations is a struggle, work with us to avoid unnecessary penalties/fees.

What makes a business thrive?

A whole lot of planning, a good bit of organization, and a healthy dose of follow through. (No one ever said being 10-steps ahead was easy.) Implementing effective ways to knock out tasks and dominate workflows. Influential leadership. An immense amount of expertise within your field mixed with a bit of that good ‘ole-fashioned’ talent your people need. And last-but-not-least, the unwavering sensibility to do the right thing.

Anyways, we got bored in the office recently.

We decided to do some number crunching whilst coping with the realization that shutting up shop to hit some dingers down range was out of the question.

We tallied up our BOB in its entirety, then proceeded to jot down how all the ‘sparks’ were lit. Our findings?

Out of every client we provide solutions to in Georgia – 74% came from referrals.

Thanks everybody! That’s incredible.  We wouldn’t be anything without you guys. It means a whole lot.

We work insanely hard to:
  • Provide effective solutions to our clients.
  • Aid our groups in achieving their goals in a timely and efficient fashion – our goal ultimately being to fuel ‘those far-off-still-filed-as-just-wishful-thinking’ ones too.
  • Create valuable relationships maintained by great support and even better communication.
  • Keep everyone on the same page when it comes to large scale healthcare changes, good or bad.

Embrace Simplicity to Increase Efficiency

Pender Benefits offers complete setup and top-notch Georgia-based inhouse support of online HR administration and benefit management portals compliments of the ever-popular Employee Navigator management platform.

Perks of moving to an online portal include:

  • Online HR and Employee Benefit Library
  • Benefit Statements
  • Defined Contribution Technology
  • Timesheet Systems
  • Payroll Systems
  • Employee survey solutions

Everyone needs a security blanket. “Bring-it-in”, Employers.

These days the benefit industry is a-flutter. As age-old convention has seemingly crumbled the rallying cry “repeal and replace” resounds everywhere from the breakroom bagel bar to headlines in the local daily paper. Carriers are relinquishing coverage options or simply moving out of the group insurance market daily.

Fear not!

We’ve been traversing the murky depths of the healthcare industry since long before the healthcare crisis. We’ve managed to emerge to the surface benefit-industry experts. We work constantly to maintain our positioning as your leading-edge group benefit and compliance standard specialists today.

Have a service issue or need to file a claim?

Use our nifty “Submit-a-ticket” panel and we’ll get back to you within the next business day.

Our ticket panel only works with currently registered group clients. Should your group be a new enrollee, or you are currently just shopping around for benefit services please:

  1. Give us a call!
  2. Shoot us an email at: info@penderandassociates.com
  3. Use our “Let’s Chat” form on the contact us page.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

We are Here to Help

Recent changes in employee benefits have cast them in an increasingly prominent and often unpopular role in the company's financial scenario. We have witnessed soaring health care costs, greater competition for qualified employees, growing government involvement and greater administrative burdens for the employer and frequent legislative changes impacting the employee benefit programs.

Strategic Risk Reduction

We analyze your workforce and craft your organization’s benefit offerings to reduce risks.

Raise Admin Efficiency

We reduce benefit and HR task load to significantly minimize associated administration hassles.

Streamline for Savings

We package your new or existing benefit offerings to work together for increased savings.

Educate to Drive Value

We ensure employers and workforce are aware of perks associated with benefits to drive true value.


The Importance Of Benefit Offerings

We have been providing stability and reliability to our clients for two generations to help their organizations shine by offering attractive benefit packages giving employers the confidence in knowing that their existing workforce is financially protected. Today, talented and motivated new hires are a hot commodity, prove to be rare, and are painstakingly hard to retain. Incoming prospects will undoubtedly see the true value in making the career decision to join your team and will plan to stick around for the future. Employers, a solid workforce gives peace of mind, enables focus on your organization’s direction for the future while seeing to it that your organization continues to thrive for the long run. After all, the assurance that your organization’s legacy is represented the way you envision begins with a healthy team you can count on.

Report Employee Retention Difficulty
Report Engagement Programs Cut Costs
Report Coverage Costs Extremely Concerning
Report Additional Perks Very Important


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