A Corporate Benefits Specialist for over 40 years

If you need help providing a cost-effective insurance plan for your employees, then contact us. Pender & Associates is a corporate benefits specialist since 1972. Over the years, the agency has evolved alongside the every-changing insurance market, advancements in technology, and new government regulations. Today, we serve our clients as benefit experts, partnering with entrepreneurs, helping them realize their dreams and minimize risks involved with running a business.

The Pender Purpose

Our clients enjoy a partnership with forward thinking consultants who keep management current regarding employee benefits, wellness and nutrition programs, risk management, and industry regulations.  Our agents understand the complex insurance market and the core responsibility business owners face when offering employee benefits.  Our team works hard year after year supporting management with good service and support.

Pender & Associates Support & Service Means:

Create unique employee benefit packages for attracting, motivating and retaining employees.
Provide market analysis to ensure cost-effective and affordable group benefits.
Help ease the administrative burden inherent with employee benefit programs.
Educate employer and employees regarding their group benefits program.
Keep owners aware of important government regulations so they remain compliant and avoid paying unnecessary penalties and fees.


Our vision is to

create meaningful and beneficial partnerships with the businesses and individuals we serve as their trusted team of benefit professionals.

Our mission remains to

Our team delivers true-value to

clients as we work hard to streamline their handpicked benefit packages to cut overall costs and add greater worth by analyzing individual workforce needs and organizational culture, while also making it a priority to utilize any built-in perks many plans offer.

Our agency strives to

A BIT ABOUTOur Past & Where We're Headed


Before long Bill hired new employees

including Faye Pender to handle the administrative end of the business.   Right away, Bill recognized Faye’s intuitive business skills and recommended she become a licensed agent.  It didn’t take Faye long to build a reputable book of business herself.

The Pender team determined

together they would grow their business by providing better service than the competition.
Onward to the '80s

The agency continued to grow and thrive.

The Pender’s children were involved in local sports and school activities.  Bill coached little league and Faye was room mom and team mom.  The more the Penders became involved in the community, the faster their business grew.

The Pender team determined

together they would grow their business by providing better service than the competition. Word was out, Pender & Associates takes good care of their clients.
Fastforward to the '90s

A New Branch in History

Bill and Faye’s children had finished college and the agency opened a Macon Division operated by Jennifer Pender.

The New Division Thrives

Jennifer’s middle Georgia business thrived due to her expertise and training from the pros, Bill and Faye.  She still enjoys a relationship with most of the same groups today.

In spite of bad luck, the agency continued to grow.

Sadly, Bill was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in the early 90’s but continued to work at the agency for several years.
Zoom into the '00s

By the turn of the century,

Bill Pender was forced into early retirement due to PD.  He made an offer for Sean and Jennifer to move back to Atlanta and service his book of business.  Sean was a perfect fit for Pender & Associates due to his education (UGA BBA 1990) and health field business experience.

The business grew and updated its technology

in spite of the country’s 2008 economic downturn.
Step into the '10s

Obamacare turned the health and insurance markets upside down causing the economy to falter once again.

Today, Pender & Associates continues to thrive under the management leadership of Sean and Jennifer Pender.  They are dedicated to providing excellent service by focusing their energy on consultation and partnership with business owners that need a professional benefit advisor.
Lightspeed to the future!