Wellness Services Offered by Pender Benefits

At Pender Benefits, we understand a healthy workforce is active, engaged, and present. Education regarding wellness opportunities to both maintain and improve health is an integral part of the medical plan strategy. Customized wellness programs beyond carrier provided services are also available.

Why Wellness?

Implementing a wellness program that integrates with an employers’ overall culture allows employers and employees to obtain the most value from their benefit packages. Promoting a healthy lifestyle by incorporating wellness initiatives has proven to increase employee engagement, lower healthcare costs, and most importantly reduce absenteeism. Additionally, rising out of pocket costs and sky-rocketing premiums means a significant amount of employer and employee money allocated to healthcare. An engaged workforce can reduce their healthcare costs by participating in the wellness program and maintaining good health.

Employee Wellness Engagement Programs

Pender & Associates alongside our trusted wellness partners can offer a wide array of Employee Wellness engagement programs. As each organization is different, with that being said - we offer our expertise in implementing handpicked wellness strategies to best cater to our client organizations. Many programs are offered at no, or minimal cost to the employer.

Our Services Include:

  • Employee Assistance Programs, (EAP)
  • Carrier-based Wellness Offerings
  • Outcome-based Incentive Strategies, (w/ the utilization of biometric screenings)
  • Flu Shots and Preventative Measures
  • Employee Wellness Competitions
  • Lunch & Learn Educational Presentations, (incl. diet and nutrition)
  • Health Risk Assessments/Questionnaires
  • Weight Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Stress Management
  • Fitness Membership/Classes discount