Employer Coverage Solutions

Our Employer Solutions encompass a variety of group policies that are a good way to offer insurance to employees who are full-time equivalents, portals for ease of administration, means of addressing any compliance concerns, as well as comprehensive employee engagement programs & wellness initiatives. Whatever your organization needs, our team works one-on-one with employers to explore all possible HR/benefit-related options to arrive at one that best caters to your group.

Group Insurance Solutions

Through careful analysis, our team recommends benefit plans best suited to your organization while handling benefit set up to administration of your group insurance package. We work to drive true value.

Group Compliance Solutions

Work alongside our team of professional advisers to address any compliance-related concerns your business may be facing by laying the groundwork for your organization’s compliance strategy.

Tech-savvy Group Solutions

Implement tech to reduce workload. Give valuable time back to your workforce, maximize efficiency and alleviate HR and benefit-related tasks to keep job costs in-line and delivery deadlines on track.

Group Wellness Initiatives

At Pender Benefits, we understand a healthy workforce is active, engaged, and present. Education regarding wellness opportunities to both maintain and improve health is an integral part of the medical plan strategy. Customized wellness programs beyond carrier provided services are also available.