A Plethora of Options, Cost Conscientious Savings, and Unrivaled Service

If you are an employer with a workforce of 2-250 employees, you and your Human Resources department will find true value in working with Pender & Associates. Our team works side-by-side with you to develop a benefit plan best suited to your organization while also handling everything from installation to administration of the benefit package.

Variety & Personalization of Group Benefit Packages Result in Employer Savings

As a licensed independent agency, Pender & Associates represents numerous insurance carriers. We are licensed benefit advisors, adhering to strict industry compliance and continuing education standards. We offer a full range of products and services and make it our priority to ensure your organization has a robust benefit plan at the best price. We only represent reputable carriers. As a result, our clients receive an innovate and competitive employee benefit package that delivers value.

Top-notch service delivered with every group insurance plan

Whether installing your benefit plan, administering benefits, or ensuring that your organization is within compliance standards, our team is involved. We are a phone call, email or text away and take pride in timely responses to any inquiries. Our team backs your organization with the professional knowledge and assistance your employees deserve when experiencing claims-related issues.

Time is a Valuable Thing, Save Money and Grief. Working with us brings added perks to every Employee Benefit Package we administer.

Services include:

  • Installation and education of the employee benefits plan: Our staff will explain the plan benefits and highlight details to your employees. While making they are aware that our service team is available when it comes to providing servicing support or answering any questions they may have.
  • Compliance Requirements from IRS, DOL, CMS including but not limited to: COBRA management/State Continuation (should the organization be comprised of less than 20 employees), FMLA, FLSA, 1095 reporting, Medicare Secondary Payor.
  • Online Benefits Administration Program – We encourage all clients to access our benefits administration program which allows employees to enroll through an online portal and allows the HR staff to manage their employee benefits programs through an electronic portal. Say goodbye to paper! All employee enrollments and terminations are handled directly through the benefits admin system and then directly with the carrier via their online portal. In many cases, the enrollments and terminations are sent direct to the carrier or third-party administrator from the benefits admin system
  • Claims Issues: We encourage your employees to work with the respective carrier on a claim dispute and contact us if they are unable to resolve claims issues themselves. Simply submit an explanation of benefits or a physician’s receipt, and an explanation of the situation to our “service issues” form on the penderandassociates.com website. We will work to resolve the issue and communicate the outcome. We are seasoned industry experts in dealing with insurance carriers, doctors, healthcare providers, and claim appeals. If necessary our team will contact your health care providers on your behalf for further discussion.
  • Yearly Plan Reviews and Market Analysis: Upon receipt of the notification for renewal, our team will immediately begin considering options to best fit your organization for the upcoming benefit period. During our renewal meetings, we will present and discuss various alternatives to keep benefit dollars in-line with your organizations respective budget.