Individual HSA Plans

To qualify for a Health Savings Account you must be enrolled in a high-deductible health plan – this means you cannot be covered by any sort of health insurance. HSA’s (or Health Savings Accounts) are a great way to put away funds for future medical expenses allowing them to compliment high-deductible health plans quite nicely.

HealthEquity Individual HSA Plans

UMB Individual HSA Plans

As you can expect, UMB HSAs come “packed with perks” such as easy-to-use and convenient mobile friendly tools to access your account funds at any time (as anyone should expect in the modern area). This plan does the job of any other HSA on more-or-less the same terms as any other financial institution that offers a Health Savings Account solution. However, should you be an individual whom likes to invest, a UMB HSA may be the more appealing account available to the Georgia market. Huh? Well, see – after your HSAs balance surpasses $1,000 you may opt-in and join UMB HSA Saver, a nifty way to invest in real benefits via a mutual fund with the potential to yield tax-free earnings, tax-free withdrawals, and you guessed it: tax-free deposits.