Pender and Associates is a founding member of the GA Health Agents Agency (GHAA), a true collaboration of professional health insurance agencies encompassing over 300 years of experience and 450+ employer clients. Each member agency has been carefully vetted to ensure that their core values, business practices and agency cultures align with the overall values and goals of GHAA.


When the Affordable Care Act began, this progressive group of agents realized there is more to be gained by joining forces. GHAA has grown to 8-member agencies concentrating in Georgia and the surrounding southeast states. By combining our business, we have significant market share among the insurance carriers in the market. These carriers realize the value of GHAA, which allows the member agencies to negotiate pricing and renewals where possible, create unique plan designs, and receive increased support from carrier representatives, account managers, and claims processors.


Member agencies have purchasing power, allowing us to invest in technology and SaaS to deliver HR efficiency, employee education, and plan benefit value to our clients.


GHAA members meet monthly in a mastermind setting. Topics cross many subjects including benefit technology platforms, carrier actions and changes in the market, and upcoming legislation that affect our clients and the regulation of benefits, to researching new ideas/concepts such as increasing the health of client workforce, manage chronic illnesses, and ultimately working to drive down the cost of benefits.


What GHAA means for our clients is the strength of 8 individual agencies with decades of experience and knowledge working together for the corporate advantage and welfare of our clientele – YOU.