We are in the midst of Open Enrollment season, and we want you to be best prepared for a smooth enrollment process. Take a look at this checklist for ideas to make your enrollment period easier for you and your employees.

  • Hold meetings with employees to review coverage options and changes, and offer one-on-one meetings for personal inquiries.
  • Provide summaries of benefits changes to your employees that include an open enrollment schedule, current coverage summary and plan-specific coverage and rate changes.
  • Share provider phone numbers and contacts with employees, and if provided, share benefits handouts with in-depth details on coverage.
  • Be prepared to answer frequently asked questions that your employees have brought up in previous years.
  • Communicate often throughout the open enrollment period by answering employee questions and sending reminders about enrollment deadlines.
  • Once enrollment closes, make sure all employees have submitted the correct forms and elections and that all information is accurate.
  • Ensure that you are in compliance with health care reform provisions that affect your plan and employees.
  • Check that employees received their ID cards.

Pender & Associates is committed to guiding you through the open enrollment process and making it as simple as possible, so please reach out to us with any questions.

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